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BMW Demo


Go to your happy place.

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Internet Marketing Collateral

Denise Bendl discusses her practice of spiritual healing.

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Golden Gate Endeavour Food Drop


Aerial Food Drop 100 Miles over the Pacific Ocean.

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Tour de California

Bike Race Start Sausalito California

Amgen Tour De California

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Atmospheric Art

Environmental Background

Mood setting pieces for lobbies, hospitality or events.

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The Tanks at Aquarium by the Bay

Website Eye Candy

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Aerial Footage

Stock Footage

San Francisco Aerials in Black + White

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Open Water Rowing


OWRC Sausalito annual rowing regatta on the San Francisco Bay.

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Internet Video Channel Demo


The Internet video channel has a two main components:
1. Content
2. Audience 
There in lies the trick of the ages.
Analysis of where and what your content is going and doing and to whom is the first place in assessing how to deliver your content.
It used to be pretty straightforward. Not so anymore. At this point there is no industry standard. It is pretty rough out there.
So we are here to help you figure out best practices with any eye on best extensible practices for the the future, whatever it may bring.

This VIDEO DEMO page is a purely an INTERNET VIDEO CHANNEL or personal computer video web page. It is FLASH which means these videos do not play on many (i) hand held devices. The videos are hosted on the cloud but they are not being transcoded in real-time for multiple platforms and devices. It is a hosted library of previously produced and transcoded files. It was a good idea at the time. Flash is excellent delivery platform for many reason, but it no plays ubiquitously across platforms and devices. In fact, no video format plays seamlessly and betting on any on solution is a gamble. You probably do not want to go in the video exporting business, so in the ever changing landscape it is best to pick a situation that is not fly by night. A situation you have confidence will be doing research and development to stay up to date. There are a lot of companies out there vying for your business. Let us help you pick what is best for your needs.
The Rules Keep Changing
Ingesting Content
Storing Content
Playing Content
Distributing Content
Tracking Content 
A stable content management system is basis for any complex website. 
The best solution is to host your content with a professional video hosting offering with dynamic server. It is complicated. There is video hosting and then there is Content Delivery Networks or CDNs. Then there is the video or content player.
Who is the Audience?
What are they watching?
From where are what device are they watching 
Cross platform delivery across multiple devices to an audience. The content is accessed either for free, by subscription/fee based membership or by download purchases.

Sustainability is created by advertising as a business model, subscriptions or memberships to the body of content at a fee, or VOD (Video on demand) available by purchasing downloads. 
A video channel might also have a sponsorship business model with ad delivery or other vertical market revenue streams.
Are they Watching? That is that last piece to the successful puzzle. Monitoring and analyzing the statistics and data. Who is watching? Then how can we get more people to watch? If they are not watching, what is the next move?

Sausalito, California
415.331.3804 phone | 415.902.3804 mobile 
contact: Sandra Cannon
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