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What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is creating and distributing valuable, relevant, engaging and unique content to a clearly defined audience with the objective of a call to action that promotes your marketing goals. Its an ongoing process that focuses on original content disseminated with a strategy for your overall marketing goals.

We offer solutions that may include starting with ground zero of your digital presence. In which case we would develop a design strategy for the look and feel for a new website and apps, social media platform including blogs and newsletters. The solution culminates in creating the content to curate the platform . We create words, videos, photography and other media to curate your online presence.

The difference between content marketing and advertising is that you are attempting to create a value to attract customers and ultimately buy your services or product.

While most consumers have zoned out advertising, content marketing is a way to engage with potential customers without selling, interrupting.


  • Research and define your audience
  • Build a platform including websites, blogs and social media outlets
  • Create Content
  • Disseminate(/listing}
  • Use Analytics to monitor and refine what is working and adjust the plan accordingly(/listing}


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  • Create Content(/listing}
  • Disseminate(/listing}
  • Analyze (/listing}

    Interforti creates beautiful content. We have a vast library of existing photography and video and a team to produce original digital assets.

  • Interforti creates beautiful digital content




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