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Video Production Process

Discovery Phase:
We review your video initiative and discuss feasibility in relation to your budget.

We present a proposal with a road map. Production commences upon approval and a retainer payment.

A dedicated producer/project manager is assigned to your project. The vision is defined with a blueprint of project style-guides, treatments. Some projects will need animatrics or storyboards. The complexity of the pre-production is proportional to the complexity of the project.

Production Phase:
A video production crew or a one man director/producer films your project.

Post-Production Phase:
Your project is edited with necessary voice overs, music, titles, special effects or other additions. A rough cut is produced and reviewed in an online password protected workspace. Reviews and a round of edits are collected to produce a polished final cut.

The deliverables will have been clearly defined in your proposal.
Deliverables will be provided in an FTP site for you to disseminate with your team and publishers. Typical deliverables include Windows Media, Quicktime Movies, and Flash. Your publishers may have specific requirements. (WMV, MOV, AVI, AIF, FLV, H264, mp4, HTML 5, ETC.).

Broadcast and Curation:
Interforti disseminates your final piece(s) to the proper channels.

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