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About Interforti


Sandra Cannon, Drone Selfie
Sausalito, California, 94965
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 1-415-331-3804
Mobile: 1-415-902-3804

Interforti was founded 1997 by Sandra Cannon on the digital agency model employing talented independent contractors to form new media marketing services. In the course of time, Sandra and her teams have served many companies with their go to market digital strategies, development and implementation. We produce digital platforms to reach your audience and unique digital content to keep them coming back. Before Interforti, Sandra worked at Cybernautics and Digitas (digital agencies ) in the roles of senior account executive/producer and business development.

interforti AKA - As a consultant Sandra saw a need to be able to purchase photography and video online for her clients and projects. In 2002 interforti built an early adopter online boutique stock film and photography digital asset database that sold digital downloads. Successful for many years, Sandra lost interest in solely photography and has gone back to creating digital content. This leaves Interforti with an enormous library of beautiful digital assets including photography and video from which to draw in creating digital content. We have done a lot with this content lately for clients lately.

Currently, interforti employs the digital agency model, working with professionals most of whom have worked together previously as a team. Sandra Cannon is available on-location with your team or her own. To meet some of her team, scroll down the page.

Partial Client List:
  • Apple
  • Alice Stienman/Artist
  • Armax Real Estate Development
  • Blue and Gold Ferries
  • Belveron Partners
  • Delizia Brand Olive Oil
  • Dendral/Artificial Intelligence
  • Franz Design Group
  • Hacienda Cabo San Lucas
  • Hartman Producitons
  • Intel
  • Island Architecture
  • Knowlton Farms Guesthouse
  • Leslie Higgins Executive Coach
  • Lynne Leahy/Author
  • Muses Inc.
  • Olson Steel
  • Offroad Capital
  • Peter Pan Entertainment
  • National Geographic​
  • Navis/Shipping Container Software
  • Nvidia
  • Silicon Graphics Inc.
  • Suzanne Knowlton Designs
  • Sony
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wolf Coffee

Meet the team

Burke Beardsley
Film and Photography Producer
Collaborating since 1999

Burke has an impressive list of marine production coordinator credits for major motion pictures filmed on the bay. The consummate professional on the set, Burke is all business about getting the shot. While we are known for our marine and aerial productions, Burke also has an impeccable eye for detail on any shoot and is my go to guy for organizing the gear and crew for complex productions.

Carolin Shining
Collaborating since 2000

Carolin handles legal services for contract documents for asset licensing, contributors, and digital assets copyright concerns.

Carolin Chenoweth-Shining, Linked-In

Dirk Koppers
Collaborating since 2002

Dirk works with creating custom digital asset managment software for monetized digital downloads. He wrote the code for / Imagefolio software to monetize digital assets. He is also the keeper of the server.

Bruce Valle
Joomla Application Developer
Collaborating since 2008

Bruce is active in the Joomla community and has worked on many interforti customized Joomla websites. He is a photographer himself. He is focused on digital media delivery, monetized subscription based websites and applications. He develops apps for iOS and android.

Emily Brower
Copywriter / Project Manager
Collaborating since 1997

Emily has worked in a wide variety of industries, including high-tech, biotech, healthcare, renewable energy and more producing printed and digital collateral. The primary focus of her work is translating complex concepts and technical information (What is homeopathy? How do Power Purchase Agreement for solar energey work? How is GPS used in land surveying?) into understandable prose.

Sandra Cannon
Digital Creative

Interforti creates beautiful original digital content