Digital Video Production 

Interforti is a small personalized high-quality Internet video production company with experience working in new media and social media types on the Internet since 1997. We have worked with small business and major brand names and welcome those organizations re-vitalizing their visions.

The Internet and digital outlets today provides global marketing opportunity that is undeniable and affecting the majority of our business and consumer decisions. How can your organization profit from this growing dependence on the digital media? Interforti provides the business consulting and online solutions that will vault your company into it's next stage of growth through fully strategic and state of the art online rich media planning.

We stand apart from other Internet marketing and traditional video production companies in that our key differential is the merging of both of these concepts:
  • Review and assessment of organizational intentions and intent to grow
  • Full review of digital production and digital dissemination.
  • Complete implementation of digital production from streaming websites and blogs to cellphones and other medium yet to be discovered, in this universe and any other universe yet to be discovered.
  • Marketing support to build your audience and community
  • Revenue streams with digital rights management, pay per view or subscription based websites. Development of business models.
The goal is to assist you and your team meeting your objectives. A talented one person consultant or a team will be assigned to your project. Interforti has a stable of video makers, digital project managers, copywriters and producers.

We stay current so you do not have to.

You and your team will be able to review the project in production stages for approval in an online password protected work space. Doesn't that make things convenient?

Technical Recommendations
It is confusing for anyone to discern best practices on a new media type. There is everything out there from youtube.com to Brightcove.com, progressive to streaming media, and embedded videos to CDNs (content delivery networks) for web video dissemination. Often a small business just needs to embed one or two videos on their websites. Big brand companies with large scale and multiple video plans need a plan including content production, management and delivery.

Interforti Studio 
Sausalito, California
415.331.3804 phone | 415.902.3804 mobile contact: Sandra Cannon



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