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    Responsive Designs
    Content management systems for cross platform devices.
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    Creation and distribution.
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    Social Media Platforms
    Build an audience and curate content.

Technology + Platforms:

After defining the mission, audience and creative, we look at what digital technology will best suit your brand, product or service. Is it an app, website or pure social media platforms.

Content Management Systems + Technology Platforms

This website is built on a content management system called JOOMLA. It is a "responsive" design and plays across platforms and devices "responding" to the device. Content management systems are a way to store digital media assets on a server to be called up on a web page, mobile site or app. Other platforms include Drupal, Salesforce, Magento and many others proprietary systems. There are extremely expensive custom built solutions and customer do-it-yourself like WIX solutions. We will discover the right solution for you.

Responsive Designs

"Websites" and other digital assets need to work on computers, tablets, phones and now smart TV screens. Try this site on other devices.

Social Media Platforms

Do you have existing outlets or do we need to to build some? We build facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Meet-up, PR Newswire, blogs, and newsletter software like mailchimp and Emma. The possibilities are vast these days, and some outlets are better suited for particular marketing. We will make a strategy, road-map and a content publishing calendar.

The Process:

  • Discovery + Research = Uncovering solutions and a plan.
  • Technology + Platform = Strategy on how to execute the plan.
  • Creative + Design = The look and feel is designed. Mock-ups, storyboards and mood boards are presented.
  • Production - We make what we told you we were going to make. We show you what we are making at scheduled intervals to collect your comments.
  • Audience Development - Based on the research, we target your demographic and build an audience.
  • Search Engine Optimization = We create all our content, copy, images, videos, websites and apps with S. E. O..
  • Launch = We launch your project.
  • Analytics + Metrics = We review what is working and what isn't with analytics and redefine the strategy as needed.
  • Rinse + Repeat = We continue to create content to distribute on your platform, which is content marketing.

Interforti Studio. We build businesses online.

Promoting brands, businesses and products through digital media.
Partial Client List:

  • Apple
  • Alice Stienman/Artist
  • Armax Real Estate Development
  • Blue and Gold Ferries
  • Belveron Partners
  • Delizia Brand Olive Oil
  • Dendral/Artificial Intelligence
  • Franz Design Group
  • Gold Willow Coin & Bullion
  • Hacienda Cabo San Lucas
  • Hartman Producitons
  • Intel
  • Island Architecture
  • Knowlton Farms Guesthouse
  • Leslie Higgins Executive Coach
  • Lynne Leahy/Author
  • Muses Inc.
  • Olson Steel
  • Offroad Capital
  • Peter Pan Entertainment
  • National Geographic​
  • Navis/Shipping Container Software
  • Nvidia
  • Silicon Graphics Inc.
  • Suzanne Knowlton Designs
  • Sony
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wolf Coffee
  • 415-902-3804