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Google Cardboard and Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets Explained

Google Cardboard and Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets Explained

“Google Cardboard” is a virtual reality technology platform to view virtual reality content. You can find google cardboard in your app store to view vr content. Google Cardboard virtual realty content is stereoscopic. You put your phone in the smartphone tray and look through the viewer. It works with any smartsphone with touch screen.

It is a wireless VR headset meaning you do not need to tether to a computer to see virtual reality content. This makes Virtual Reality a completely mobile experience. You can see VR content anywhere you have cellphone or wifi reception.

A google cardboard viewer is an inexpensive VR headset. It does not have to be made from cardboard. You can now buy Google cardboard headsets at the google store. Try the 360 channel on for VR content. You can also get the cardboard camera app to take 360 degree images with your smartphone.

Virtual Reality Basics

Virtual Reality Developers Conference

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Find Virtual Reality Content For Google Cardboard:

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