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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization:

Interforti Studio - Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Initiatives are like any other web initiative. They require assessment, analysis, a baseline for measurement, and a plan. Then the plan requires assessment on what is working and redefining the plan. True search engine optimization is a pro-active verb. When I was at a digital agency I was dubbed "the poster child of search engine optimization". I read search engine watch, follow Matt Cutts formerly the search engine expert at google, and keep track of current developments. I am not a short term quick fix S.E.O. person. You can easily find that. We are a long term comitment. We only perform SEO as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

There is only one true way to optimize for search engines. Make your content relevant to what you desire to be searched for.

A great place to start when thinking about Search Engine Optimization is by reading Google's article for webmasters, "Best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site".

That being said, after discovery and research an SEO plan might contain some of the following elements:

Optimized content writing, editing or recommendations
Analyze existing site to seek out potential problem areas for the SEO process (e.g. dynamic pages, flash graphics, frames, etc.)
On-Page Optimization
Developing specialized pages and content targeting specific keyword opportunities
Unique titles, descriptions, keywords and other optimized tags for individual landing pages.
Sitemap Submission to top search engines.
Conversion set up (e.g. "contact us" or other method)
Lead tracking
Link Building Campaign
Generating inbound links from other sites to increase your sites relevance and popularity, focusing on quantity and quality of inbound links
Generating reciprocal links through an "industry links" page on your site.
Other search marketing strategies Including:
Design a social media campaign using a corporate blog site, Facebook, twitter or other outlets to position your company as a thought leader and generate more inbound links to increase online visibility.
Optimized news releases and article placement on news and other Web sites Micro sites and unique Web domains focused on niche or specialized opportunities*
Paid Search Paid search marketing programs, while they require an investment in pay-per-click (PPC) ads, offer highly manageable and predictable results. We'll work with you to develop a search engine marketing program that meets your budget and is targeted to the best keyword combination that produce leads, not just traffic.

  • PPC Campaign Building:
  • Strategy
  • Keyword generation and research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Targeted writing and placement of text ads through top search engines
  • Organic Search Top Results
  • Initial Site Analysis

We would be happy to talk to you about doing this as a stand alone service, but typically we only provide this as part of a robust strategy plan. We incorporate best of breed practices in the course of developing digital real estate which naturally bring great search engine results.

footnote* - Guest blogging is not the best use of your online marketing campaign and should only be considered if there is a team with time on their hands.

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Partial Client List:

  • Apple
  • Alice Stienman/Artist
  • Armax Real Estate Development
  • Blue and Gold Ferries
  • Belveron Partners
  • Delizia Brand Olive Oil
  • Dendral/Artificial Intelligence
  • Franz Design Group
  • Gold Willow Coin & Bullion
  • Hacienda Cabo San Lucas
  • Hartman Producitons
  • Intel
  • Island Architecture
  • Knowlton Farms Guesthouse
  • Leslie Higgins Executive Coach
  • Lynne Leahy/Author
  • Muses Inc.
  • Olson Steel
  • Offroad Capital
  • Peter Pan Entertainment
  • National Geographic​
  • Navis/Shipping Container Software
  • Nvidia
  • Silicon Graphics Inc.
  • Suzanne Knowlton Designs
  • Sony
  • Wells Fargo
  • Wolf Coffee
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